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mercoledì, aprile 16, 2014

Coffee break...

" Ti và di uscire per un caffè ?
Guarda che non ho secondi fini...
Voglio solo stare seduta vicino a te finché non ti innamori. "

martedì, aprile 15, 2014

Your Smile...

Ci sono diversi tipi di sorrisi.
Si può decidere di sorridere con gli occhi, con la bocca o con il cuore. 
E poi c'è quel tuo sorriso che invece li contiene tutti.

lunedì, aprile 14, 2014

Come and get it...

Cosa faccio senza il mio cellulare ?
Come faccio a funzionare ?
Il mio unico impulso è mandare un SMS a qualcuno e scrivere :
" Oh mio Dio !
Ho perso il mio cellulare ! "
Ma come posso farlo senza uno stramaledetto cellulare ?

domenica, aprile 13, 2014

The Famous Actor Who Does Not Want To Be Wealthy...

Sitting back and imagining the life of a Hollywood movie star usually involves dreams of great wealth, enormous castle like homes, fast, luxurious cars and exotic jet-setting trips around the world. These fantasies are based on a life that is overflowing with luxuries, in other words, a life lived by a vast majority of stars. Most people enjoy living vicariously through these stars, after all, who wouldn’t want to own everything their heart desires ?

There are a few exceptions though, that special breed of stars who, through philanthropy and everyday generosity, has shown that they are not concerned about attaining a great deal of wealth. These actors have been shown to use their wealth and position to help others. Whether it be through a charity or through random acts of generosity and kindness, the way in which actors treat those around them is more telling about his or her real worth, than any onscreen performance or bank account can hope to divulge. Being a adept portrayer of a fictional person, in no way relates to being a good person in “normal,” everyday life. There are a ton of great actors who are more concerned with selfish needs, those who are not driven by money, but who are driven by their passion for the art and not the bottom line, these actors are definitely worth uncovering. Of those who follow this more humble approach to their craft, there is one who stands head and shoulders above the others.

Keanu Reeves has been in some of the largest box-office successes. His acting prowess and his intellect have often been brought into question, this based solely on the fact that some of his on-screen characters have been less than geniuses, and because of his slower than normal form of speech, judgments have been made. He has become a polarizing figure with critics who have dismissed his talent and dubbed him, just another pretty face. These opinions have often been altered, when these same critics have looked more carefully at the career and lifestyle that this particular actor has chosen.
When you look at the diverse nature of the movies he has participated in, you realize that he is an actor who is not afraid to take chances, or re-invent himself within his art. This is quite an accomplishment when you look at his rise to fame. Reeves first became a household name when he took on a role as a sophomoric high schooler, traveling through time in order to finish a history paper in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This teen-age comedy is the type of film that often leads actors to become typecast in similar films. This was not enough for Reeves. He must have realized that this danger was present since he was next recognized for a performance in a small, more independent style film, working with actors considered more serious, without giving up his inane roles. In 1991, with the release of, not only the second in the Bill and Ted’s series, but also My Own Private Idaho and Point Break, Reeves showed his abilities in dramatic, comedic and action roles. These would pave the path toward a career filled with big budget action mega films like, Speed, The Matrix  and 47 RoninAdditionally, love stories like The Lake House and lower budget films like Generation Um.. Here is an actor who loves practicing his art and is not concerned with anything other than expanding his acting talent.

There are few actors who have had this type of success, across so many varied genres. This would be enough to laud praises upon Reeves, but this is not the only part of that should bring praise. Very few, if any actors, have Reeves penchant for generosity, leaving massive amounts of potential earnings to do what he wants, and being kind to the “regular” people he crosses. Unfazed by what critics or others may think, the way he lives his life shows his worth. He is possibly one of the most generous, conscientious Hollywood actor out there.
by " Therichest "

Filosofia domenicale...

Se un giorno ti verrà rimproverato che il tuo lavoro non è stato fatto con professionalità, rispondi che l'Arca di Noè è stata costruita da dilettanti e il Titanic da professionisti....
Per scoprire il valore di un anno, chiedilo ad uno studente che è stato bocciato all'esame finale.
Per scoprire il valore di un mese, chiedilo ad una madre che ha messo al mondo un bambino troppo presto.
Per scoprire il valore di una settimana, chiedilo all'editore di una rivista settimanale.
Per scoprire il valore di un'ora, chiedilo agli innamorati che stanno aspettando di vedersi.
Per scoprire il valore di un minuto, chiedilo a qualcuno che ha appena perso il treno, il bus o l'aereo.
Per scoprire il valore di un secondo, chiedilo a qualcuno che è sopravvissuto a un incidente.
Per scoprire il valore di un millisecondo, chiedilo ad un atleta che alle Olimpiadi ha vinto la medaglia d'argento.
Il tempo non aspetta nessuno.
Raccogli ogni momento che ti rimane, perché ha un grande valore.
Condividilo con una persona speciale e diventerà ancora più importante.

L'origine di questi pensieri è sconosciuta, ma sembra che portino buonumore a chi li scrive e a chi li riceve, quindi non tenerli per te.
Buona domenica a tutti.

sabato, aprile 12, 2014

My Selfie... 50

Pensiero della sera...

La mia età è un qualcosa tra :
 troppo tardi per ricominciare
 troppo presto per arrendersi

mercoledì, aprile 09, 2014